ADP - Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

To request the ADP WOTC integration, contact your Account Manager or go to Account & Settings > Avionté Marketplace > ADP WOTC > Details > Have an Avionté Account Executive Contact Me.


Avionté's integration with ADP WOTC allows staffing agencies to check employee eligibility for tax credits. Tax credits are provided to companies hiring individuals from certain target groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment. Avionté can be configured to have employees complete the ADP Work Opportunity Tax Credit screening through one of two methods: the Career Page workflow or an Onboarding Task. The integration with ADP will then automatically determine if the employee is eligible for federal tax credits and update the employee record in Avionté.



Talent Onboarding Task
Viewing Tax Credit Statuses
Searching for Tax Credit Statuses





Enabling WOTC as an Onboarding Task: Group Permissions

The ADP WOTC Task is only available to users that have the appropriate Group permission. 

  1. Open the Account & Settings menu. Then select Utilities > Talent Onboarding Tasks 
  2. Expand Integration Tasks and click on WOTC Questionnaire to edit permissions
  3. Select a new group from the drop-down list, click the + to the right of the drop-down to add the group to the permissions list. 

    Note: If no Groups are visible in the drop-down list, create Groups via Utilities > User Groups
  4. Click Save.






Applicant Workflow

If an applicant applies via a workflow with WOTC enabled, they will see it as an available step. 

If the WOTC screening was set to optional in the workflow, applicants will also see a Continue button, which can be used to bypass the screening.


When the applicant clicks Start Work Opportunity Tax Credit Survey, the browser will open a new tab to the screening. Talent will then complete the screening by answering the questions. Once the screening is complete, talent will be brought back to the Avionté application.





Talent Onboarding Task

If an employee does not complete the screening during the applicant process, users can send the WOTC screening to the employee via Onboarding Tasks. To send the WOTC screening as an Onboarding Task: 

  1. Open a talent record and select the Onboarding tab.
  2. Click Send Onboarding Tasks
  3. Expand the Integration Tasks section
  4. Check the box for WOTC Questionnaire
  5. Select Production from the Select WOTC Configuration drop-down list
  6. Click Send





Viewing Tax Credit Statuses

When an employee completes the WOTC screening, their tax credit status will display in the Talent > Tax tab.




There are five possible statuses:

Status Definition
Not Started Employee has not started their WOTC screening

Results Pending

Employee has completed WOTC screening, but results have not pulled in to the Employee > Tax section yet
Not Qualified Based on the employee's responses, ADP has determined the employee is not qualified for tax credits
Pre-qualified Based on the employee's responses, ADP has determined the employee will qualify for tax credits after working 120 hours
Qualified After a Pre-Qualified employee has worked 120 hours, the status will automatically update to Qualified, meaning there will be a tax credit received for this employee.



Searching for Tax Credit Statuses

Tax credit status is a searchable item in Talent Terms. To search for employees by tax credit status, open the Talent > Search screen and select Tax Credit Status from the Talent Terms drop-down. 

Select Pre-Qualified, Not Qualified, or Survey Not Complete and click Done add to your search terms.





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