Business Intelligence (BI) Access, Setup, and Permissions

Explore the process of setting up and managing Business Intelligence (BI) access in Avionté, with a focus on differentiating between Admin and Standard user permissions. The article also outlines the ability to exclude internal branches from BI reports using the Edit Office feature, offering a comprehensive overview of BI reporting permissions. Additionally, the article includes links to further resources on BI reports, terminology, webinars, and foundational videos in AviontéBOLD.

Key Takeaways

  • Admin users can access all standard dashboards and reports in Avionté BI, while standard users are restricted to the Sales and Recruiting dashboards.
  • BI reporting covers all data within an environment, but users can utilize the Edit Office feature to exclude internal branches, maintaining privacy in BI reports.
  • Explore additional resources linked in the article for a thorough grasp of Avionté's Business Intelligence, encompassing reports, terminology, webinars, and foundational videos in AviontéBOLD.

BI Access and Setup

Please note that the level of access (Admin vs. Standard) doesn’t impact permissions anywhere else in the application – it’s only for BI.

  • An Admin User has access to all five of our standard Dashboards and Reports – Operations, Job Board, Metrics, Sales and Recruiting.

  • A Standard user gets access to only two - Sales and Recruiting.

It’s important when requesting BI access that you have the email available for the user desired, and whether or not the user in question needs Admin vs Standard access.



Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting Permissions

Some clients create and manage internal branches where all of their internal employees are set up.  Our BI reporting reflects all data within an environment, except that internal branches can be excluded.
If you have internal branches that you would like setup to be excluded from your BI reports, the Edit Office feature makes that possible.  Check the box marked "Internal" to enable this. This will ensure no users will see data from the specified branches within your BI reports.


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