Gross Profit Reporting for Integrated Clients


Updated 10/01/2021


Since the front office (BOLD) users do not have an equivalent profile created in back office (CLASSIC), there is an additional setup required through Commission Allocation to see Gross Profit earned by the user.


In order to use the Commission Allocation, you need to firstly create Commission Types from Table Editor.  Once the types are created, you can use the Commission Allocation feature from the Start Details page.  

To simply view the weekly commission in BOLD (no GP calculated, just credit and percentage of split), we recommend using the Active Consultant Report, as you can filter the report by work week.  Once the date range is set, you can add Commission Type, Commission User, and Commission Percentage columns from the field chooser in the top right.  After they're enabled, we recommend re-organizing the layout as below:


To add commissions to an assignment, you can either enter them from the initial Start flyout, or from the Hired Details widget.

As you're filling out the start details, enable the Commission Allocation button.  From here, make sure to select the appropriate users along with their Commission Type.  You do not need to enter accurate percentages for the Commission Type, however, the percentage must equal 100 in order to proceed.




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