Add Commission Allocation Defaults

When creating a job on the job details page, users (for example, Administrators, Ops Managers, and Recruiters) can set a user type, commission type, and percentage values as commission defaults. This way, they won't have to fill in this information at the start of every placement.

Key Takeaways

  • Streamline job creation in AviontéBOLD by setting user type, commission type, and percentage values as defaults, eliminating the need for manual input.
  • Ensure the "Commission Allocator" access is enabled for users to utilize commission defaults during job creation.
  • Maintain flexibility in commission allocation by allowing users to add multiple commission recipients and customize percentages to total 100%.

Things to Know

  • Users need the "Commission Allocator" access enabled to be able to set commission defaults
  • Setting commission on job creation is optional 
  • One or multiple rows of user commission recipients can be set (users should be able to add commission recipients)
  • During the job creation, the system will populate the commission section as follows: User (optional), Commission Type (required), Percentage (required)
  • The sum of the percentage for all the recipient users must equal 100%
  • If they exist, commission defaults will be applied to the placement commission allocation when a talent is placed
  • Once part of the placement, the commission allocations set by the job commission defaults follow the same rules as manual commission allocations



How to add Commission Allocation during new job creation



  1. Log on to AviontéBOLD, if not logged on already.
  2. Hover over the Job menu and select Add New Job from the submenu. The system will open the Create Job flyout.
  3. Fill at least all mandatory fields and click the On toggle for Commission Allocation. 
  4. Select the desired User for a percentage from the drop-down list. The list will populate with the users in your system.
  5. Select a Commission Type.
    1. Setting Up Commission Types
  6. Enter a Percentage. Remember percentages need to total 100%.
  7. To Add an additional Commission Recipient, click the green button.
  8. To remove a commission recipient, click the trash can under "Remove" for that line.
  9. When setup is complete, click Create Job


The system displays the commission allocation in a widget when viewing the new job. Changes can also be made here.




Commission Allocation setup during custom job order template creation

The functionality of the widget is the same as when creating a new job.



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