Use Fields For Commission Allocation in a New Custom Job Order

Users want to assign commission defaults to new custom job templates. This article describes how to do that.


Things to know

  • If the sum of the percentages does not equal 100% the system will show an error and the user cannot save
  • Users need "Commission Allocator" access enabled to set commission defaults.
  • Setting a commission while creating a template is optional
  • Multiple rows of user commission recipients can be set
  • During job template creation, the commission section will populate the fields as follows: User (optional), Commission Type (required), Percentage (required)
  • A user does not have to be set but Commission Type and Percentage need to be set to save. The system allows for changing the specific recipient during placement.
  • When a user places a talent, the system applies any existing commission defaults to the placement commission allocation. Once part of the placement, the commission allocations set by the job commission defaults follow the same rules as manual commission allocations.
  • If a template is Locked and contains values for the commission fields, those values will be held through the placement
  • A template cannot be Locked with an open User field



Steps to follow

  1. Start creating a job order template
    1. Creating a Job Order Template (Sales Admin User)
  2. While a user is creating the template, the system displays a Commission Allocation widget. Turn the toggle On to use it.


3. Add two or more users with commission types and percentages, and the system enables the save button.

4. Complete the job order template and save it.



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