Use the Commission Allocation Widget in the Job Details

Using the Commission Allocation widget, users can view commission splits while in the job details; they don't need to drill down into the job to view, edit, and add to this. This article describes the widget and how it functions.


Things to Know:

  • Prerequisite: Users need Commission Allocator access to add the widget and use it. See Setting Up the Commission Allocator role in the main Commissions article for more information.
  • This value is stored based on what was entered during the job creation (if one was entered) and flows into the Placement
  • When the commission is entered, the user can save the following values: User (optional), Commission Type (required), Percentage (required)
  • The total percentage must equal 100% in order to save the Job Details widget information



Adding the Widget

  1. Go to a job that has a commission allocation set.
    1. Information about Commissions.
  2. Click the Add Widget button.


3. The system displays the Add Widget control. Use this to select the Commission Allocation widget.



Using the Widget


Here users can Add Commission Recipients, select Commission Types, adjust Percentages, and Remove commission recipients. They can also turn Commission Allocation Off for the job.



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