Use the Commission Allocation component in the Hired Details flyout

Using the Commission Allocation component, users can view commission details for a placement in a Hired Details flyout. This allows users to see commissions that have been previously entered, giving them an accurate view of who is going to be receiving commission for that placement. This article describes the feature and how it functions.


Viewing a Commission on a Placement using Hired Details

1. Go to the job for which the user wants to place talent.

2. Scroll down to the Hired Details widget (or grab and drag it to the top of the screen).





3. Click the Edit button for the talent which the user wants to place. The system will display the Hired Details flyout.


4. Scroll down to the Commission Allocation section and click the toggle to On.


5. Add the commission recipients (Users), Commission Types, and Percentages. The commission can be entered as a percentage or dollar amount. Once one is entered, the other is automatically calculated. Note that the percentage must equal 100. The system will calculate the Amounts. When finished, click Save. The Placement edit is complete.



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