Job Aid: Process Timesheets in BOLD and transmit them to Back Office


Updated 01/24/2023


This process applies to clients who only use Front Office. Clients using Classic-style back office access with BOLD should instead refer to this article for Timesheet and Time Entry Process.


After a Talent has been added in BOLD, this is the process used to pay them:


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  1. View Timesheets in the Timesheet module
  • Select Timesheet > Select a Company > Set Job Status = All > Select a Contractor > Select a Time Select option, and click GO!
  • Click on View Timesheet for the applicable Week Ending



  1. In the Timesheet screen, enter the applicable hours and select Save Timesheet. A message will appear at the bottom of the screen verifying that the timesheet has been saved, but not yet submitted.




  1. Submit the timesheet by selecting Save & Submit Timesheet.




  1. A popup titled "Submit Hours" will appear. To verify the submission of the timesheet, select Submit Timesheet.




  1. The timesheet screen will appear again. To approve the timesheet, select Approve Timesheet.




  1. A popup titled "Approve Timesheet" will appear. To verify the approval of the timesheet, select Approve Timesheet.




  1. Process the timesheets by going to the Back Office tab and selecting Process Timesheets.




  1. The Process Timesheets screen will appear. Enter the fields on the Contractor Pay Filters including the Employer, Week Ending Range, Placement Type, and Employment Type. Select Run Report.




  1. A list of timesheets is displayed. Select the one for your Candidate, or all candidates by using the select box at the beginning of the transaction, and select Process [# of] Records.




  1. Select the applicable accounting period and click Submit.


    The Timesheets Processed dialog appears.


  2. Click Close.

  3. Later, your candidate can be accessed via the path Back Office > Time Entry > Open.



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