Setup the Electronic 1095-C and Make it Visible in the Talent Portal (Front Office)

For integrated customers who also use the ACA Companion, we provide support to display a talent's 1095-C electronically in the talent portal. This can help make your end-of-year activities easier. Customers must be integrated with Avionté Back Office to use this functionality, and you must be using the ACA Companion. Please contact Avionté Support to have this feature turned on if you meet these criteria and are interested.

Follow the steps in this article to enable this feature.



Enabling the Electronic 1095-C in the Utilities Screen
Use Onboarding Tasks to send and view a Talent Consent form for the Electronic 1095-C
Have Talent Download and View their Electronic 1095-C Forms



Enabling the Electronic 1095-C in the Utilities Screen

  1. From the BOLD main screen's avatar menu, select Utilities.
    1. The Avionté Utilities screen is shown.


  2.  Select Talent Profiles
    1. The Talent Profile Tabs screen is shown.


  3. Scroll down to the Pay History section and toggle the 1095-C option to On (or to disable the option, toggle it to Off).




Use Onboarding Tasks to send and view a Talent Consent form for the Electronic 1095-C

  1. Go to the Talent screen by clicking the Talent tab.
    1. The Talent screen is shown.


  2.  Search for and select the talent for which you wish to send the consent form. 
    1. The talent detail screen will open.


  3. Select the Onboarding screen tab.
    1. The Onboarding Tasks screen is shown.


  4. Click the Send Onboarding Tasks button.
    1. The Send Onboarding Tasks flyout appears.


  5. Click the E-Signature Documents section.
    1. The section opens to reveal a drop-down list.

  6. Click the "Select an E-Signature Document" drop-down list.
    1. A list of E-Signature documents is shown.

  7. Select a consent document for the 1095-C.
    1. Note: This Adobe Sign document needs to be created and set up beforehand. If there is no consent form available, it needs to be created. If you do not wish to do this yourself, please write a ticket for Support and ask them to contact Technical Services. Please review the article Adobe Sign: Creating & Mapping Adobe Sign Document Templates for more details.
    2. Note 2: In Back Office (AviontéCLASSIC), there is a new interview question to gather employee consent. It can be used if you wish to have TS create custom eDocs. It should also be searchable in Advanced Search.
  8. Click Send to send an E-Signature 1095-C consent form.
    1. When the talent logs into their AviontéBOLD talent portal, they will see the 1095-C consent among their assigned tasks.
    2. After they click Start > Continue, they are taken to the electronic consent form.
    3. After they have filled out the consent form and signed it electronically (the final step being the Click to Sign button), the document is processed and the assigned task is complete.

  9. You can verify a talent's consent status by going to the Tax screen tab on the Talent detail screen for that individual.


    1. In the General Tax Info section, there is a label for "1095-C Electronic Consent." If the talent has signed a consent form, the status says "Opted In." If the talent has not responded, the status says "No Response." If the talent declines consent, the status says "Opted Out."
    2. This status can also be manually changed by clicking the edit icon in the upper right-hand corner of the section, selecting a value from the dropdown list, and clicking the save icon (which the edit icon changes to after it is clicked). 

Further setup is required in the Back Office (AviontéCLASSIC) to determine which years of 1095-C's are shown in the system. The Config Option needs to be set. For details on this, see the following article: Config Option - EmployeePortal_Max1095CYearToDisplay - Supplier Property – Avionte Classic (

Talent must exist in the Back Office for Electronic 1095-C distribution to work.



Have Talent Download and View their Electronic 1095-C Forms

  1. After logging into the Talent Portal, they should go to Pay History.
  2. Select the Taxes tab.
  3. The 1095C's will be listed for the years set up in Back Office. The documents can be downloaded via the links shown. The years of the documents are available for is determined by the setting in Back Office.


  4. Documents will open in a new tab in PDF format. The year is shown on the tab. Here talent can verify that their 1095-C's are correct.




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