How to configure O365 with BOLD SMTP

This needs to be performed from your O365 Administration panel and your Exchange Online Administration Console. The person making these changes should be a global Admin within O365.  This change will allow all users in O365 to use BOLD SMTP feature with no action needed to be performed by the user.



Add a trusted IP Address

  1. Azure AD, go to Security and then Named Locations


  2. Click Configure MFA Trusted IPs and a new Tab will open


  3. In Trusted IP section, check the box for Skipping MFA and external Bold IP’s click save at the bottom.


  4. You will also need to add the IP’s to your Exchange Online as a separate connector.



Add Exchange Online Connector

  1. Open the Exchange Admin Center
  2. Click on Mail Flow
  3. Click on Connectors


  4. Select Your organization's email server option
  5. Click on the Next button


  6. Put in a name for the Connector in the Name field.
    1. Leave the selected options on.
  7. Click on the Next button


  8. The next step is to configure the authentication that we want to use. It’s possible to use a certificate for authentication, but more common is to do the verification based on the public IP Address of the device.
  9. Add Bold Three external IP addresses
  10. Click the Plus button to add IP addresses:
  11. Click on the Next button


  12. The last step is to review your settings and create the connector. Double-check the IP Addresses and click on Create connector.


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