Reduction In New Browser Tabs - [01/21/2022] [RN]



We improved the behavior of links within AviontéBOLD by preventing the opening of new tabs automatically.

Why did we do that?

Based on customer feedback, we've minimized the number of new browser windows that are automatically created when clicking on links within BOLD, to prevent the excessive spawning of multiple tabs.

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

Thanks to this update, new browser tabs will not be created automatically, reducing browser clutter and memory usage for our customers.

Now What?

For customers who have requested that no new tabs be created automatically, the system will now load links in the same browser window. 

For customers or users that would prefer a link in BOLD opens in a new tab, simply hold down the control (CTRL) key on your keyboard while clicking a link or right click a link and choose "Open link in new tab."



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