WorkN Nomination Activity Writeback - 2/16/22 [RN]



The WorkN Integration is now logging job activity records when talent accept job offers and interests from the WorkN app.  The activity types will use the standard WorkN activity types: WorkN Offer Accepted and WorkN Interest Accepted.

Why did we do that?

Even though the nomination stage displays the WorkN stage when a talent accepts a job offer or interest, once the talent is placed on a job, the stage is updated. 


This enhancement is helpful because there'll be another way to track job placements from WorkN, and now the activity records will be consistently logged, whether the nomination stages are updated manually in BOLD or through the WorkN app.

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

Users can see these activities from the Talent > Activities screen

The activities can also be used to run talent searches based on activity type as well as used to pull activity reports.

Now What?

From the Talent > Search screen, the WorkN activity types can be used to filter the talent results.

From the Analyze screen > Talent Activity Report, the WorkN activity types can be used to filter the report results.


Please see the article WorkN Integration in BOLD – Avionte Bold for more information on the WorkN integration.



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