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Updated 05/05/2023


Avionté Integrates with ZipRecruiter to make it easier for users to post directly from Avionté to ZipRecruiter and then receive applicants directly into Avionté.  We do not send jobs to ZipRecruiter, we publish a Feed (via an XML) that they pick up.  The Job Board will be scraped at 10:00 PM Central time, daily.  

Once applicants find the job on ZipRecruiter, they will click the link, apply in ZipRecruiter, and their profile will then be created in Avionté and appear under the Web Apply bucket for the Job. 

There will be a couple of things to note with this process:

  • Since applicants will be applying through ZipRecruiter, they will bypass all required fields and forms. 
  • You may notice that more people have applied to your jobs than have viewed the Careers Page; this is due to applicants through ZipRecruiter.


Posting to a Job Board
Activate the Paid ZipRecruiter Job Board

Using and sending Jobs to ZipRecruiter



Posting to a Job Board

If you do not pay for ZipRecruiter, you can still post to ZipRecruiter.

  1. Go to the Job Details, of the Job you want to Post.
  2. Click on the Eye icon in the Job Posting Status and Options widget.


  3. Click the checkbox for External Job Boards to On.


  4. Click the checkbox for ZipRecruiter
  5. Click on the Update Job button

  6. Notice the ZipRecruiter Tag listed




Activate the Paid ZipRecruiter Job Board

If you pay for Jobs, you will want to first head to the Partner Integrations Page to obtain the URL to provide to your ZipRecruiter Rep.

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Avionte Marketplace


  3. In the Search field, type: ZIP
  4. Click on the Settings button


  5. Click the Ok button



Using and sending Jobs to ZipRecruiter

  1. Once the setup is complete then update the Job to be listed as Posted.
    1. Click here to go to the Section above on Posting a Job to ZipRecruiter
    2. Click here for more information on Posting a Job



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