Company Office Status and Branch Now Syncing to Back Office - 05/19/2022 [RN]



Company Office status and branch fields are now syncing from Front Office to Back Office.  With this enhancement, when company office status and branches are either manually or automatically updated in BOLD, the status and branch values in Front Office will sync to Back Office with the same values.

Why did we do that?

We aim to continually improve data integrity between BOLD and Classic by adding additional fields that are syncing between the Avionté platforms.

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

The more you can rely on the accuracy of the data across all Avionté platforms, the more efficient and productive users will be.

Now What?

For any newly created company offices, the company-office status and branch will sync to Back Office.  

For any existing company offices, the company-office status and branch will only sync to Back Office after the company office is updated.


For more information on Office Statuses and how to update them, refer to this article: Use the Multi-Level Company Office Hierarchy – Avionté Bold

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