Set up a Salary Job

Setting up a Salary Job is almost the same as setting up a regular Contract Job, with a couple differences.

Key Takeaways

  • Setting Up Salary Jobs: Configuring a Salary Job closely resembles the process for a regular Contract Job with a few key distinctions.

  • Creating a Job: To create a Salary Job, fill in necessary details in the Create Job flyout, choose "Salary" in the Job Type field, and add the Salary Transaction Type under Additional Transactions.

  • Job Types Configuration: If "Salary" isn't initially listed in options, it can be added in Utilities > Job Types, and for seamless integration, ensure the Salary Transaction Type is configured in Back Office.

Differences when creating a Job

When you create a Job, most of it is the same as a regular Contract Job.  This can also be edited in the Job Details > Operations & Financials widget.

  1. On the Create Job flyout, fill in all necessary information.
  2. On the Job Type field, select Salary.
    1. If you don't see Salary in the options, it can be added in the Utilities > Job Types
      Setting up Job Types


  3. Under Additional Transactions, add a Transaction Type for Salary.
    Note: As a prerequisite, the Salary Transaction first needs to be configured in Back Office. Click here for details on configuring transactions: Transaction Type - Add / Edit Transaction Types

  4. Once all the required fields have been entered, click on the Create Job button.


  5. The next screen will provide you with options to view the Job, create a new job or close the flyout.




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