Multi-Level Company Office Hierarchy - 05/19/2022 (rev. 09/29/2022) [RN]

Update: 09/29/2022

This feature has reached general availability. It is the default for all customers. If you would like to formally exclude the availability of this functionality, please submit a ticket request to Customer Support.



Currently, in AviontéBOLD all customer records work as a single-level hierarchy. We have created support for Multi-Level customer records, in the form of parent-child relationships.

This enables multiple "child" offices to be created underneath a "parent" office. This allows you to define your departmental structure in detail up to five levels deep.

Why did we do that?

This is useful for customers that have many offices, and may lose track of where they are located or the relationships between them. Some clients reported that when many offices exist in a company, it becomes difficult to keep track of "sub-offices."

This functionality allows clients to manage complex customer structures while syncing to Back Office.

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

Suppose you are placing talent at a company that does retail sales. You may already have created offices for the company for each store or location. This feature will allow you to create further distinctions within a store, for example: stocking, packaging, cashier, warehouse, custodial, etc. You can create up to five levels of these "child" offices, or departments, within a "parent" office.

Now What?

For existing customers, your system will remain configured for single-level office hierarchies unless you request the upgrade. If you would like this functionality, you can request it from your Account Manager. For every customer new to AviontéBOLD after the general availability of the feature, it will be enabled by default.


For more information, refer to this article: Use the Multi-Level Company Office Hierarchy




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