AviontéBOLD End User Agreement - 06/01/2022 [RN]



When logging into BOLD, users will be prompted to read and accept our End User Licensing Agreement (EULA). 

You will be provided three opportunities to do so.  During this grace period, you will have the ability to review the EULA, as well as skip the Accept step.

However, if you do not accept the terms of the EULA after the third request, you will be forced to accept the EULA at that point in order to continue access to the platform.

Why did we do that?

As our product continues to evolve, so must our security and confidentiality standards. The EULA notifies all direct users of CLASSIC and BOLD of the appropriate standards for keeping their credentials safe and secure. It also notifies them of the appropriate steps to take in the event a suspected breach has occurred.

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

BOLD users will always be kept up to date when our EULA is updated.

NOTE: Talent/Applicant users and Hiring Managers/Contacts will not be prompted with this acknowledgment pop-up.

Now What?

When logging into the system starting on June 1, 2022, each user will be prompted to accept the EULA acknowledgment. After clicking "I Agree," the pop-up will no longer appear for that user until the next time our EULA is updated.

A screenshot of the acknowledgment prompt is shown below.


For a KB article that walks you through this, click here: About the AviontéBOLD End User Agreement Acknowledgement


Users can access the EULA from our main website at this link: https://www.avionte.com/end-user-agreement/



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