New Filled Job Requirement: Talent and Job Branch Match - 05/19/2022 [RN]



We improved the recruiter experience in AviontéBOLD, by allowing customers to ensure the Talent branch and Job branch match when placing talent on a job.

Why did we do that?

Customer feedback noted that when the Talent and Job branches aren't the same, it causes issues with their check branch and transaction branch in Back Office not matching.

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

Thanks to this enhancement, you now have the new filled job requirement option of "Talent Branch Matches Job Branch" that you can configure for all placements, or a specific company.

Now What?

If you'd like to ensure the talent and job branches match before a placement is made, simply enable the new "Talent Branch Matches Job Branch" checkbox under Table Editor > New Filled Job Requirements.



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