Export Multiple Talent Docs - 05/24/2022 [RN]



This feature allows HCM users to select multiple talent documents at one time and export them, instead of having to export/download each document one at a time.

Why did we do that?

Customers told us they were looking for a way to pull a file with all of the Documents within the Documents Tab of the Talent Profile. They also asked that the list of documents be provided, as well as to allow the user to select the docs to include in the export.

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

There are times when a client needs to pull Talent documents in relation to an audit or subpoena for a personnel file. In the event they need to provide the contents of a Talent profile, they previously had to go through and pull things individually. This way clients are able to pull the entire contents of the profile and provide it when necessary.

Now What?

If an HCM user has access to a talent's documents, and talent exists with documents that have been uploaded to their profile;

When an HCM user navigates to the Talent Profile > Documents tab for the talent with documents, they will see checkboxes to select which (or all) documents are included.

Once at least one document has been selected, a "Download Selected Files" button appears. Clicking the "Download Selected Files" button will cause a zip-compressed file download prompt to appear.

Saving or extracting the file will result in the selected documents appearing in the HCM user's machine's Downloads folder.




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