About the AviontéBOLD End User Agreement Acknowledgement


As our product continues to evolve so must our security and confidentiality standards.  The End User Agreement (EULA) notifies you of the appropriate standards for keeping credentials safe and secure.  It also notifies you of the appropriate steps to take in the event a suspected breach has occurred.

The EULA does not apply to Talent portal logins or hiring managers.

Users will always be kept up to date when our EULA is updated. If we choose to update the EULA, you will see the request to accept the EULA more than once.

Effective: June 1, 2022

Setup and Configuration

The rollout of the EULA applies to HCM users. No setup or configuration should be needed.


Best Practices Considerations

  • Users should review the EULA before going through all three skips.
  • If users haven't reviewed the EULA prior to agreeing to the terms (meaning they skipped three times without clicking the link) they will be forced to accept it in order to use the application (but will still have the review link shown in the acceptance pop-up)


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