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We improved jobs in AviontéBOLD, by vastly increasing the number of placements that can be put on a job.

Why did we do that?

Clients requested the ability to do this so that they do not need to continue cloning a role for the same job, which is what they had been doing to work around this.

As a client/customer/user, why does this matter to you?

There are a few scenarios where this feature is useful:

  • A client is looking to create a new job that will have over 100 open positions. When this feature is enabled, an HCM User is creating a new job, and they go to the Open Positions field, they will be able to choose up to 500 open positions. The Open Positions field on the Job Details can be edited to reflect the same.
  • A client views the Hired Details after they have made over 100 placements on a job. When this feature is enabled, and users view placements in the Hired Details, they will see the first 100 placed Talent; then they can select "See More Results" to show the next 100 Talent until all results have loaded. The Hired Details will default to display "Active" instead of "All".

  • A client views the Job Search with "High Volume Placement" enabled. When users expand nominated/started results for jobs, they will see the first 50 Talent results for each job. They can select "See More Results" to show the next 50 Talent until all results have loaded.

Now What? This option is available to all users of AviontéBOLD. No extra configuration is necessary. 



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