Send Resumes to create Talent via Email

Our integrated clients can send resumes to to have them automatically parsed and added.  

Note: In order to use this feature, it must be enabled by Avionté. Please contact your Account Manager




  • Maximum of 25 resumes per email
  • Main duplicate check is based on Talent's email listed on Resume
  • Ignores the SSN (though the SSN shouldn't be listed on a Resume)
  • May take up to 60 minutes (based on the number of resumes submitted)
  • You'll receive a confirmation email
    • Profile Created
    • Profile Updated
    • Error - Missing email
  • Recommend copying yourself on the Email for your own records
  • Review the parsed resume to verify the accuracy of imported data



Sending Resumes

Send up to 25 resumes to 

  1. Create an email and put in to To section.
    1. The Subject and Body of the email aren't logged anywhere and just for your reference.
  2. Attach the resumes in a PDF or Word/Text Editor document.
    1. Up to 25 resumes per email


  3. Send the email
  4. Wait for a confirmation email
    1. Email comes from 
    2. It may take up to 60 minutes
  5. There are a few fields listed on the confirmation email, that are helpful.
    1. File Name: This is the name of the Resume that was sent
    2. Status: This will tell you if a record was created, updated, or failed due to an error
    3. Candidate: This is a link to the new Candidate that was created
    4. Representative: This is the HCM user that created the record (sent the email)




Error messages

There are a few different Statuses you'll receive.

Status Description Resolution
Profile Created A new record was created Success
Profile Updated An existing record was updated Success
Error - Email Missing A new record wasn't created Failed; ensure email is listed and resend Resume



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