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We improved Company Quick Search so that users will be prevented from finding companies when they don't have access to that company's office. Quick Search will not return suggestions of companies that a user is restricted from having access to.

Why did we do that?

Customer feedback noted that they need to restrict access to company records by branch association. They requested us to prevent employees with limited branch access and where the "Restrict access to Companies by office" user option is enabled, to be prevented from seeing company results in the Quick Search recommendations. 

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

Thanks to this enhancement, those users without access to certain branches will have no knowledge of those companies' existence and will not experience being told they don't have permission to view those records.

Now What?

This enhancement is being offered to all customers without restriction. Quick Search will follow office permissions from now on when the "Restrict access to Companies by office" user option is enabled. See below for screenshots of where this option is located.

  • If you enable this option and limit branch access for specified users, they will be restricted from seeing companies when they shouldn't.

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Screenshot: Location of Offices options within the User Access screen:



Screenshot: the "Restrict access to Companies by office" option in the Offices section.



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