Hide Non-Syncing Billing Fields for Integrated Clients - 06/17/2022 [RN]



We changed the display of billing fields that do not synchronize with Back Office, for fully integrated clients. The following will no longer display in this case:

From the Create Job Aside:
  • Billing Terms
From the Job Details:
  • Billing Terms
  • Consolidate Invoices
  • Default Billing Cycle
Why did we do that?

Feedback from fully integrated clients noted that they do not want to see certain billing fields that do not synchronize with Back Office. This enhancement seeks to accommodate that request.

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

Thanks to this enhancement, users at integrated clients will no longer be distracted by non-syncing billing fields.

Now What?

For this enhancement to be operative, a client must have the System Setting "Avionté Back Office Integration" enabled.


When it is active, and users go to pages with billing fields, such as:

  • Company Profile >  Operational Information Widget
  • Job Details > Operations & Financials Widget

The billing fields indicated at the beginning of this note will not appear.

Users will also not see these billing fields in the Create Job aside.


Image: Location of Operational Information Widget in Company Profile



Image: Location of Operations & Financials widget in Job Detail



Image: The Create Job Flyout



Click here for more information on Markup in Company Profile in AviontéBOLD


Click here for more information on Creating a Job in AviontéBOLD


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