Adobe Mapping for Non-Residents - 06/28/2022 [RN]



This enhancement allows users to have Adobe documents that capture whether a talent user is considered a non-resident for those states that need the ability to determine this aspect for tax purposes.

Why did we do that?

Customers told us that for HCM users supporting talent that work and live in different states that participate in reciprocity, they need the system to allow them to collect this detail via Adobe form, so that the "NR_Cert" checkbox can auto-check itself in the back office.

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

This will save users time having to manually set NR_Cert for every talent needing this in the back office.

Now What?

For more information, see the article: Adobe Sign Mapping: AviontéBOLD. The new mappings are listed there, in the "Talent Non-Resident Reciprocity Mappings" section.


Beyond the additional Adobe mapping, no additional configuration should be necessary.


Screenshot: Location of NR_CERT checkbox in the back office:


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