Disable Hired Date On Placement Extensions - 06/28/2022 [RN]



This enhancement disables the "Hired Date" field when configuring a placement extension, to reduce confusion or problematic adjustments by recruiters thinking this field needs to be modified for an extension.

Why did we do that?

Customers are saying that HCM users working with contracts that can be extended need the system to not allow them to change the hired date when configuring the extension. This way reporting shows all extensions with the same (original) hired date for accuracy and clarity.

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

Some users get confused by this field, and think they have to change the hired date to relate to the extension. When reports are run, they may show multiple extensions with different hired dates on each one, when they should all be the same based on when the talent was originally hired. This enhancement will help resolve this confusion.

Now What?
When an HCM user is extending a contract job, if a contract job exists, and the HCM user attempts to implement a contract extension on the job, the Hired Date field will become disabled when the extension-related UI elements appear.
No configuration is necessary for this enhancement to operate.
This is only for contract jobs. Contract-to-Perm jobs are not included.


Screenshot: If a job is set to Contact to Perm, the Hired Date field is still editable when extending end date of the job:



Screenshot: After selecting Yes to the Extend Contract, the Hired Date field is disabled:



Screenshot - Extend Contract Job End Date:


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