Onboarding Task Permissions - 06/28/2022 [RN]



This enhancement decouples the "view" and "send" permissions when configuring onboarding documents.

Why did we do that?

With the Preparer Version of the I9, clients said they didn't want send permissions enabled for the preparer version.  If someone gets the normal I9 task and says they have a preparer, the system will auto load the preparer version/form.

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

Not having a send permission would prevent an internal user from accidentally sending the preparer version instead of the normal version. However without view permissions, once the form is completed by an employee, internal users were unable to see it on the Talent record.


Being able to set the View permission to a group without the send permission being automatically checked will allow users to configure it in a way that they don't risk sending the preparer version, while still being able to see the form once a talent completes it. 

Now What?

When adding group permissions to onboarding tasks, the system will allow the send permission to be enabled or disabled. The Send permission will default to enabled.


No additional configuration is necessary for this enhancement to operate.



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