Criminal History Tracking - 08/26/2022 [RN]



We improved talent management in AviontéBOLD, enabling recruiters to add customizable Criminal History entries on talent profiles.

Why did we do that?

Customer feedback noted that some companies have specific placement restrictions for talent with specific types of previous convictions.

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

Thanks to this enhancement, recruiters have the ability to track criminal history for talent, and configure their filled job requirements to prevent placements for specific conviction types.

Now What?

This feature is available for all AviontéBOLD customers. For more information, please refer to these articles for more details on the setup and use of the Criminal History feature:


Setup Criminal History Options

Create and Edit Criminal History on Talent

Adding Criminal History for Job Requirements

Activate Talent Criminal History - INTERNAL (Avionté Employees only)


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