Career Page Duplicate Checking Enhancements - 08/26/2022 [RN]



We improved talent management in AviontéBOLD, enabling recruiters to further customize the behavior of duplicate checking for talent applying to their job boards.

Why did we do that?

Customer feedback noted that they wanted more control over how duplicate checking criteria works, along with the ability to stop an applicant who appears to have one or more potential matches (usually due to shared identification points such as a common family email address) and provide them with a customized message to direct the talent on who to contact or what to do next.

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

Thanks to this enhancement, AviontéBOLD customers can configure if ALL duplicate checking criteria must be met to be considered a match, or if ANY single duplicate check criteria can indicate a potential duplicate.

Additionally, customers can now choose to enable the "Hard Stop" option instead of Application Verification, which is a customizable message that appears to talent applying for a job with the same details as an existing talent.

Now What?

This feature is available for all AviontéBOLD customers. For more information, please refer to this article for more details on setup and use:

Career Page Restrictive Duplicate Checking and the Application Hard Stop Option



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