Experian Tax Credits Integration in BOLD - 08/01/2022 [RN]



Experian’s exclusive Staffing Industry WOTC program provides a customized offering specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our staffing clients.  This includes streamlined integrations, industry-specific reporting, and dedicated service resources, all in place to provide a best-in-class staffing industry WOTC experience.

Why did we do that?

All staffing firms should be capturing the Employment Tax Credits (generally called WOTC) that are free and available to them. To understand the money your firm could be leaving on the table, check out the Avionté blog post here: WOTC and Employee Tax Credits for Staffing Agencies (avionte.com)

Avionté set out to expand the number of WOTC partners, specifically seeking a leading provider that would maximize these Tax Credit programs nationwide, and offers leading technology to reduce friction for the Talent and Staffing Firm.

Experian provided a fantastic breadth of service to ensure our clients could maximize tax credits with a new version of the talent survey that delighted clients in the evaluation focus groups.

We added Experian as a partner to allow clients a choice in a WOTC provider that would offer better than market coverage with frictionless integration for all involved.

Avionté wants to help staffing firms capture what could literally be millions of dollars in tax credits back to the firm.

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

The Experian Tax Credits integration with AviontéBOLD allows you to present an embedded tax credit questionnaire to your talent through the Applicant Portal and an onboarding task/packet, as well as giving you the ability to view the tax credit status directly in BOLD.

Now What?

Contact your Avionte account manager for more information.

For more information, please see the article Experian Tax Credits Integration in BOLD



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