Initial Set up Microsoft Office 365 Modern Auth for Users (O365)

Set up the Outlook Marketplace and select specific folders and filters.


Activate Integration (BOLD)

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Avionté Marketplace


  3. In the Search field, type 365


  4. On the Outlook365 Tile, click on the Settings button
    Note: If the Outlook365 tile isn't listed, it may need to be activated first.
    Activating the Outlook365 tile


  5. Click on the Connect with Outlook 365 button
    Note: Microsoft will require the Username and Password to be entered twice.
    Note: If the "Connect with Outlook 365" button does not appear, ensure you've disabled the old integration method under Utilities (Auto Email Sync and Custom SMTP). Then log out and back in and navigate into Marketplace > Outlook365. The button should now be visible.


  6. Select the appropriate option
    1. If the account is listed, click on the account.
      Note: If using this option then the next 2 steps (7 and 9).  They can be skipped due to the email address already being listed.


    2. If the account is not listed, click on the User another account


  7. Enter the email address or phone, into the Email or Phone field.


  8. Click on the Next button


  9. Enter the password in the Password field.


  10. Click on the Sign In button
    Note: After signing in, there will be a new message about validating the account.


  11. Click on the Next button
    Installing Microsoft Authenticator app
    The folders listed may be different for each User.   Sub-Folders currently do not sync.
    1. The following folders are hidden and will not display in the list of folders:
      1. Outbox
      2. Archive
      3. Drafts
      4. Deleted Items
      5. Conversation History
      6. Junk Email
      7. RSS Feeds
      8. Sync Issues


  12. For existing users that have Auto-Email sync, the existing Folders will automatically be selected for you.  This is to prevent duplication of activities.
  13. Select the checkbox next to the Folder to sync with.
  14. Click on the Save Folders button
  15. Click on the Done button



Filter Rules

Adding a Domain/Email address will prevent Activities from syncing; for the specific Domain/Email.

Note: If the Filter Rules isn't visible, please scroll down.



  1. Click on the Add Filter button


  2. Enter information into the following fields:
    1. Domain/Address: Enter the Domain or Email Address
      1. Example: or
    2. Filter Sent: Click this checkbox to not log sent emails for the Domain/Email
    3. Filter Received: Click this checkbox to not log received emails for the Domain/Email


  3. Click on the Save Filters button


    A successful message will be briefly displayed at the bottom.
  4. Click on the Done button

  5. NOTE: Once connected, Avionte Bold will sync to Microsoft O365 every 15 minutes.


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