Allow Hard Coded Talent Statuses to be Marked as "Do Not Assign" - 09/12/2022 [RN]



This existing feature enhancement now allows you to mark hard-coded Talent Statuses as "Do Not Assign" from the Table Editor.

Why did we do that?

The primary reason we implemented this is that a number of hard-coded statuses are automatically applied to talent created through various means (such as applying for a job, or being imported via a resume parse).

These hard-coded statuses allow for placement on a job, but some staffing agencies only want a talent to be placed if they are in a different (custom) status.

Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

Assuming a User wants to mark a Talent Status as "Do Not Assign", in a scenario where a client wants to restrict placements from being made if a talent has a status that is hard coded:

When a user goes to the Table Editor > Talent Status widget, they will see the hard-coded Talent Statuses listed. They will be able to make the Type "Do Not Assign". However, they will not be able to edit the title of the Status.

Now What?

This will not allow clients to edit the name of the hard-coded Talent Statuses, only the value of the "Item Type" for each status.


This will work similarly to how Expense Types work in the Table Editor.


This enhancement is generally available to all BOLD HCM Users. No additional configuration is needed to begin using the enhancement.


For more information on Talent Statuses, click here


For more information on "Do Not Place," click here



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