Microsoft Outlook 365 (Modern Auth) Summary

The following article contains important steps for the security update from Microsoft, that goes into effect on 10/01/2022. If your organization uses Office 365 to send emails in AviontéBOLD, the following steps need to be completed in order to comply with Microsoft’s Modern Authentication process.  


Note: Microsoft has been implementing a new authorization process (Modern Auth) requiring your attention. While they have been slowly rolling out this required functionality to their customers, Microsoft has recently announced that ALL customers will be transitioned by December 31, 2022.

If you and your organization have not yet complied with their changes, you will want to do so before the end of the year.

Failure to comply will result in your inability to send Microsoft emails through the BOLD platform.



Helpful Notes / Tips

Disabling Microsoft O365 Email Setup will disable the Avionté Marketplace app for ALL Users.

The process to configure the set up for Admins will take 30 - 60 minutes.  It is important to complete the steps in the proper order, based on each article.

Individual user set up will take 5 - 15 minutes.

Note: This feature will be automatically activated.  If your Staffing Agency doesn't use Microsoft Office 365 then no further action is required.


The new type of authentication is called Modern Authorization and not Open Authorization, or Basic Authorization.  The email accounts have also been called Microsoft365 and Outlook365.  

Open Authorization (oAuth) is being deprecated by Microsoft.



Admin setup steps

Click on the links below for more information to be completed by system Admins.

Note: Please complete the steps in the articles, in the following order.
  1. Getting Started with Microsoft O365 (Admin Setup)
    1. Users can install the Authenticator app while this is being set up.

  2. Activate the Outlook365 Tile (Marketplace)



Individual user setup steps

Click on the links below for more information to be completed by individual users.
Step 1 is optional

  1. Install & Set up the Microsoft Authenticator app (Modern Auth for O365)
    1. Users can install and setup the Authenticator app while the Admin sets up O365
  2. Initial Set up Microsoft Office 365 oAuth for Users (O365)
    1. This is required



Additional or related articles

Click on the links below for more information relating to Email setup and assistance.

  1. Manually deactivate Custom SMTP & Email Auto-sync
  2. Custom SMTP setup
  3. Auto Sync Email setup
  4. Install the Outlook Addin


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