Share Documents to the Talent Portal - 11/01/2022 [RN]


What's new?

We improved document sharing so that users can share documents with talent at particular offices, via their Talent Portals.

Why did we do that?
Clients said they are looking for the ability to share documents for talent users to view. They said they would like talent to be able to do this via their Talent Portal.
Why does this matter to you, as a client/customer/user?

Some examples of documents clients said they would like to share include Static Company Policies, and Employee Handbooks.


This enhancement allows you to share documents with offices using the Documents tab. This could help you cut down on printing expenses, or dispense with the need to email the documents to talent.

How does this work?

In the Documents tab of AviontéBOLD, there are some new options:


  • By default when a document is added to a folder, a button will appear next to the document name that says, Not Shared With Talent.


    If you click this button, you will be given the option to add the document to the talent profile by clicking Continue.

  • When a document is shared, the button will change to say Shared With Talent. Another button will appear alongside called Talent Offices.


Clicking the Shared With Talent button will allow you to remove the document from talent profiles if you wish.

Clicking the Talent Offices button will allow you to choose which offices you would like to share the document with.


Documents are organized in folders. There are new options at the folder level as well:

  • [Not] Shared With Talent
  • Talent Offices
  • Delete Folder
  • Add Files


You can apply these options to all of the documents in a folder if you wish. You can use the Add Files option to add documents to a folder.


When talent logs into their portal, shared documents are displayed in Profile > Documents.



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