Requesting a Custom Bold Report


In today's dynamic business landscape, the need for tailored insights and data-driven analysis has become paramount. Custom reports offer organizations the opportunity to gain specialized information to address unique challenges or capitalize on emerging opportunities. Understanding the process of requesting a paid custom report is essential for businesses seeking to leverage bespoke data for strategic decision-making.


  1. Identifying the Need: To initiate the request for a paid custom report, start by identifying the specific need or problem the report aims to address. This includes outlining the objectives or areas that require focused analysis.

  2. Defining the Scope, and Requirements of the Request: Clearly define the scope of the report by outlining the necessary information, data, or filters and columns needed. Documenting the specifics helps in communicating precise expectations to the Professional Services team that will help assist. 

  3. Initiating the Request: Formalize the request for a custom report by submitting a ticket via our Support Center.  

    You may choose to select the following:
    • Platform = Bold

    • CC = Your Account Manager (if you choose to)

    • Subject = Custom Bold Report Request 

    • Description = The need, scope, and requirements from above.

    • Platform/Product = Reports

  1. Review and Approval: The submitted request undergoes review and approval by decision-makers within the organization. Ensuring all necessary details are vetted for accuracy and relevance.

  2. Project Commencement: Once the request is approved or the Statement of Work is finalized, the project begins. 

  3. Review and Acceptance: Evaluate the completed custom report against the specified requirements. Ensure it meets the outlined objectives and provides actionable insights.

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