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AviontéBOLD's Contact Experience is a customer portal feature that allows company Contacts to see upcoming Interviews, Current Job Postings, Current Candidate Statuses as well as approve Timesheets and Expense Reports.



Access & Login
Expense Reports (sub-tab)
Contact Access to Invoices




View this video demonstration to walk through the features available in the Contact Experience.  




Access & Login

Contacts are created by using the Add a New Contact feature in the Companies main menu or in the Companies > Offices tab. Contacts can also be created in User Accounts under the Account & Settings menu. Making the Contact a Time Approver on the Job will enable them to have a login for the Contact Experience. The Contact Experience portal will be the hub for the contact to review talent information and approve Timesheets.







This is the Home Page of the Contact Experience. Here, contacts can select Widgets they want to see and use by clicking on Add Widget. The widgets available on the Contact Experience Dashboard include:

    • Manager Overview
      • Provides a visual of current:
        • Timesheets waiting for approval
        • Jobs currently pending placements
        • Jobs currently with active placements
        • Pending Expense Reports

    • Interviews
      • Provides upcoming interviews

    • Pending Postings
      • Provides current opportunities

    • Candidate Statuses
      • Provides current updates regarding candidates that have been submitted for current opportunities.



Expense Reports (sub-tab)

The Expense Reports section can be located in the sub-menu of the myDashboard section. This view provides a list of all Expenses awaiting approval. Contacts will receive an email each time an talent submits an Expense Report for approval. The Contact can approve or reject the Expense Report from the email, but they can also log in to the Talent Experience to view all Timesheets in one place.


Add the Expense Reports Widget

  1. Click Add Widget


  2. Select Tasks, Events, Projects
  3. Click the 'Plus Symbol' next to Manager Overview
  4. Click Close




The Contact/Timecard Approver view

Click the Expense Reports Sub-Tab

Click the 'Blue Circled Number' for Pending Expense Reports


  • If there are no Expenses to approve:


  • If there are Expenses to approve:

Clicking the View Log button allows you to access a log that shows who took what actions and when on the Expense Report.
Clicking the View button will allow you to see any Expenses submitted on a job. Expense Approvers can then Approve or Reject any expense from the fly-out.








The Jobs main menu provides a list of all pending & active jobs. Here, Contacts can view all active & submitted jobs as well as review candidates that were nominated for the position. Contacts can submit their comments or view previously submitted comments on candidates. Clicking the briefcase icon under the Job column will open the Job Details view:







The Timesheets main menu provides a list of all Timesheets awaiting approval. Contacts will also receive an email each time an talent submits a Timesheet for approval. The Contact can approve or reject the Timesheet from the email, but they can also log in to the Talent Experience to view all Timesheets in one place. Contacts can search for Timesheets using the following search options:

  • Company
  • Job Status
  • Contractor
  • Time
  • All
  • Week End
  • Submitted
  • Approved
  • Date Range


The Search results will provide: 

  • Timesheet Status
  • Position
  • Consultant
  • Week Ending
  • Submit Date
  • Approve Date
  • Work Week
  • Reg
  • OT
  • DT
  • Leave
  • Total


Clicking View Timesheet will allow for the following:

  • Viewing of individual Timesheets
  • Log of events regarding the Timesheet
  • Notes regarding the Timesheet
  • Downloading a PDF of the Timesheet




Clicking Account & User Name will allow for the following:

  • Contacts the ability to reset their passwords
  • Upload a Photo of themselves
  • Add additional contact information
  • Set the frequency of their Timesheet reminders



Contact Access to Invoices

We can provide Contacts access to invoices via the Contact Experience for clients who utilize billing and invoice creation within the back office of AvionteBOLD.

For Contacts to view invoices they will have to have permission granted which can be done within the Manager User Account Profile Edit Access area by selecting the “View Company Invoices” option.  With this enabled, if the full back office, specifically invoices are generated, the Contact User will have access to their invoices.




Once this permission is enabled a Contact, when logged into the Contact Experience will see a new Invoice tab.  When this tab is accessed the Contact will have visibility to any invoices within their Office.

This view will include any invoice with an outstanding balance as well as a summary of the total amount due.  Additionally, in the event any invoices were corrected and merged within back office, the most recent merge of the original invoice is what will display for the Contact.





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