Contact Access to Invoices

We have the ability to provide Contacts access to invoices, via the Contact Experience. This is for clients who use billing and invoice creation within the back office of AviontéBOLD.

In order for Contacts to view invoices, they need to have permission granted. This can be done within the Manager User Account Profile Edit Access area, by selecting the “View Company Invoices” option.  With this enabled, the Contact User will have access to their invoices. This will be true as long as the full back office, specifically invoices, are generated.


Once this permission is granted, a Contact logged into the Contact Experience will see a new Invoice tab.  When this tab is accessed, the Contact will have visibility to any invoices within their Office.



This view will include any invoice with an outstanding balance, as well as a summary of the total amount due.  Additionally, in the event any invoices were corrected and merged within back office, a pop-up will appear asking which version they would like to access.

View Invoice Pop-Up.png


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