Using SmartLinks and logging into 24/7 App

The majority of users prefer not to be burdened with yet another username and password to recall. Using the Avionte 24/7 app and its intelligent links eliminates the need for an additional set of login credentials.

SmartLinks are sent in text messages and emails that are directly sent to the Talent, allowing them to log in to the app with just a single click.

Clicking on the link takes the user directly to the app's login page, automatically logs them in, and the user remains logged in, without the need to remember any additional information.

Note: The SmartLink cannot be sent to another person as the username and password that are embedded in the link are unique to your profile. 

What Does It Look Like?


Once the Talent receives the text or email, they simply click the link and are automatically logged into the 24/7 app. If they don't download the app the first time, the SmartLink will send again when they are matched to a job for the first time.


Email Text Message




They are then brought to the respective App Store depending on which type of phone the user has.

  1. Tap on the icon to download
    1. If it displays Get, then the app has not been downloaded it yet.
    2. If it displays a Cloud icon with an arrow, the Talent has downloaded, but not yet installed the app.

    3. The app will automatically open and log the Talent in.


Resending the SmartLink


There are multiple reasons one may want to resend a SmartLink to a Talent and aid them in accessing the app. This is easy to do from the BOLD platform simply by navigating to the Talent record in question, and navigating to the Quick Actions on the right-hand side. While the above example already has Send SmartLink visible, clicking on the dropdown will show it if another action has taken its place.

Note: In order to prevent Talent from being inundated with notifications, the SmartLink is configured so it may only be sent twice in a ten day time period. This includes having it manually resent through BOLD. 

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