Time Keeping Overview & Configuration Options

Time Keeping functionality enables Talent to conveniently check in and out of shifts, including unpaid breaks, using the mobile app. This feature can be enabled for the entire staffing company or selectively for specific customers.

For further information or to explore Time Keeping, please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager.


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Configuration Options

There are prompts that can be configured to remind Talent to check in/out of their shifts. These are not stand-alone settings, allowing the use of both if so desired.

We have the ability to allow Talent to:

  • Check in and out of their shift
  • Check in and out for unpaid breaks

Checking in and out of Shifts

Enabling the ability to check in/out of shifts can be set up by configuring:

  • The geofencing to prompt/ allow a worker to check in/out based on their radius to the worksite location
  • The time (before and after a shift) to prompt/ allow a worker to check in/out.


Geofencing is used to aid check in/out if the app is granted access to the Talent's location on their mobile device.

On a Talent's mobile device, there are 4 levels of location services the worker can choose:

  1. None
  2. One Time
  3. Always While Using the App
  4. Always

Using the location specifications above to establish a rule to allow Talent to check in/out based on geofencing, the app has additional configuration options that can be applied to geofencing rules.

If the Talent is outside of the geofence distance and tries to check in when they are not inside of the established geofence established above, the options are:

  1. (Warning): Enable a popup notification letting them know they are outside of the geofence to check in and then still allow them to check in. This only works if the Talent has elected to share their location services options as “Always While Using the App” or “Always”.

  2. (Stop): Enable a popup notification letting them know they are outside of the geofence to check in and then not allow them to check in. This only works if the worker has elected to share their location services options as “Always While Using the App” or “Always”.

  3. (Off/None): No warning or prevention, allows the worker to check in regardless of geographical location. The app does not check the geolocation with this setting.
Note: The fundamental issue is apps cannot force a user to share their location services so often the app does not have access to their location.

The recommended setting is Warning. With Warning, the Talent can abuse it and bypass the warning, however it is an acknowledgement by the Talent that they are bypassing the prompt. 

Geofencing Configuration Questions

  • How close to the worksite location should they have to be in order to receive a check-in prompt? (default value: 402 meters (~ 0.25 miles)
    • Answer:
  • How close to the worksite location should they have to be in order to receive a check-out prompt? (default value: 402 meters (~ 0.25 miles)
    • Answer:
  • How many minutes before the shift start time should they be able to receive a check-in prompt? (default value: 15 minutes)
    • Answer:
  • How many minutes before the shift start time should they be able to receive a check-out prompt? (default value: 15 minutes)
    • Answer:

In the session extract file that is emailed to the admin, the file shows scheduled time as well as Talent check in/ out time to allow staff to make sure Talent are not checking in too far ahead of the shift or out too far after the end of the shift end time.

Talent Mobile View

A Talent is able to check in/ out for breaks on their phone three times. 

Admin Browser View

How to Access:

In the WorkN portal, navigate to Time Keeping in the top right corner. 

Time Keeping can be reviewed on the:

  • Staffing Firm Level
  • The Branch Level
  • The Enterprise (Staffing Firm Client Level)

In this area:

  • Admins can verify Talent's time.
  • If a Talent did not check in/out, then it will default to the original start/end time of the shift.
  • If edits need to be made to a shift, an admin can adjust that.
  • Once the shift has been verified, the admin can click Verify in the far right to lock in those changes.

There is an auto save feature, so as staff prepare the time and either navigate away, close the browser, or log out, changes will be saved. This allows one admin to prepare this page and then another admin can come in and verify it.

Status Column - this show the status of the shift. 

  • Committed: Talent has not clocked in to this shift yet.
  • Active: Talent clocked in, but not clocked out.
  • Completed: Talent clocked in and out.

When Verify is clicked, all shifts will show as completed. This action auto-checks the Talent in/out and moves the shift through from being committed, to active to completed without having to do that manually.

Rating Column

  • The rating in the time tracking view, the rating captured here is the rating of the Talent.
  • If the time is verified, it will mark the status as Completed and no longer allow the Talent to check in/out on their device.
  • The rating will default to 5 stars unless a lesser rating is put in.
Note: Admin time keeping is mobile responsive. Therefore can be used on a mobile device, on your mobile browser.


Exporting Time Information

Once the time is verified, an auto-generated file will be emailed to the billing contact. That file will include a unique time file which will be generated for each branch. This file is generated as a CSV by default, but can also be configured to be emailed in XLS format.

For 24/7 BOLD Clients, please read more here

Time Export Configuration Questions

  1. Option 1: How often would you like to have this emailed to you? Weekly? Daily?
    • Answer:
  1. Option 2: If your admins will be verifying time before the session extract file is to be mailed to you, we can set up ‘X’ number of lag days before the file is emailed to allow your admins a few extra days to verify time. What number of days would you want your lag time to be?
    • Answer:

Example Session File

Click here to view an example of how the session file will display.

Talent Mobile Check Out Review

This feature can be configured by the Marketplace and/or Enterprise levels. This displays on the checkout page to the Talent within the app. This workflow is shift based, meaning it pops up after each shift.


This information is found in the browser version as well as captured in the session extract file.

The clients can leave reviews and rank Talent after the shift as well as the Talent rate and leave a review of the client.

The rating area is customizable, where the app can have questions both ways to the client and to the Talent.  The ratings are a 1-5 star rating along with configured questions.

  • Employees do not see what the client reviews of them.
  • Talent does not see what other Talent reviews and comments about a shift.

The more reviews, the more meaningful the average rating is and can be used in the future for Talent prioritization.

This can be required, or it can be bypassed to continue to check out.

If a Talent checks out late, on the checkout screen, workers can edit their time worked to a lesser amount (not greater amount). The purpose of this is if the worker checks out days later after their shift, they have the ability to edit that time worked.

The reporting dashboard shows:

1. Talent that checked out late.

2. Talent who have gone long, meaning they haven't checked out at all, but should have.

From here, staff can reach out to the Talent to see what’s going on, or manually check them out.

Best Practice

Implementing these changes would need to be part of the agency's change management strategy. Typically when Talent have questions about their time, they are going to their onsite manager. So those managers would need to be trained on this feature and aware.

Manual Time Entry

What is it:

This allows a Talent to input their punches in out and break in a non real time method. This button displays in the app to the Talent on the shift page. It operates similarly to a time sheet where the worker can input their punch in, break time, and punch out time right in to the app. This entry is specific to the shift. 


We understand that staffing firms don't want to rely on their Talent to check in and out of shifts. In a lot of cases, Talent do forget to check in/ out. This is helpful if Talent forgets to check in/out of a shift in real time. 

How to Access:

This is available on the shift level for Talent on the mobile app:


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