2 Minute Use Case: Front Office Rate Changes

In our daily operations, there are often instances where Job Rates require modifications to align with current values. Fortunately, you can easily edit and update Job Rates directly from the Hired Details Widget on any Job Details page, eliminating the need to create new job records.

Upon accessing the Job Details page for a specific job, navigate to the Hired Details widget. It's essential to select the hired talent you wish to adjust using the checkmark, ensuring the preservation of historical data for the job.

Mass updating rates allows you to input the effective date of the new rate and specify the reason for the change. Additionally, including mark-up percentages will automatically update the Bill Rate, simplifying the editing process.

While updates are not made directly from the Hired Details flyout, it provides a convenient overview of the talent's current pay cycle status.

For situations involving multiple job rate updates, running a search to collect the relevant jobs offers an efficient method to identify orders for mass adjustment. If adjustments only apply to future placements, changes can be made without affecting existing workers. Otherwise, ensure to select the checkbox to apply updates across all placements.


As with so much criteria in our day-to-day, sometimes Job Rates need to be edited and updated to reflect current values. From the Hired Details Widget on any Job Details page, it's easy for you to make the appropriate edits without going through the hassle of creating an entire new job record.

Coming into the Job Details page here for this [Name of Job] Job, you can scroll right down to the Hired Details widget. It's crucial to select the hired talent you want to adjust with the checkmark, because this will ensure your historical data stays in tact for the job!

Mass Updating your rates will be where you can easily input when the new rate will take place, and the reason for your change. Including your mark-up percentages will automatically update your Bill Rate, making it easier to fly through your edits.

Though you won't be making updates from the Hired Details flyout, it's a great place to see at a quick glance where your talent is in their current pay cycle.

For those scenarios where you've got more job rates to update than you'd like to juggle individually, no worries! Running a search that collects the jobs you're looking to adjust gives you an efficient way to snag the orders you want to update in mass. If you're only adjusting future placements, you can proceed without applying changes to existing workers - but otherwise, be sure to click that checkbox to ensure your updates across all placements.

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