Feature Spotlight: Branded Resumes

Welcome to our feature spotlight on Branded Resumes in Avionté. This feature safeguards candidate privacy while sharing essential information with hiring managers or clients.

To create a new resume brand, navigate to Utilities from the Account and Settings menu and search for "resume." From the Resume Brands and Templates tile, you can create a new brand or upload a template.

Branded Resumes ensure candidate contact details are automatically scrubbed before sharing, preserving privacy. Emails and phone numbers can be removed without reformatting the document, and the original resume remains intact. The branded version is saved separately in the candidate's profile.

To use this feature, go to the Talent's profile, click Resumes, scroll to the Resume Documents section, and click Brand. Choose your brand template and decide if you want to remove emails and phone numbers. Click Brand to complete the process.

With Branded Resumes in Avionté, you can protect candidate privacy while sharing essential information, streamlining your recruitment process. Try it out today!

Resource: Using Branded Resumes - 2.0

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