Feature Spotlight: Careers Page Workflows

In this edition of Feature Spotlight, our focus is on using multiple workflows in the Careers Page. The Careers Page already boosts recruitment efficiency, but you can enhance this further with tailored application experiences for different roles. 

To add new workflows, log into Avionté and navigate to the Careers Page Editor under the Utilities menu. Remember, the applicant’s First and Last name must be visible and required, and it’s recommended to make at least one contact method, like Email, required for effective duplicate detection.

Multiple workflows enable handling different types of applications. A General Apply workflow, designed for quick submissions, gathers only essential information. It's ideal for mobile users and roles like light industrial positions, where non-essential details like education can be skipped for a faster process.

In contrast, a Full Application workflow gathers comprehensive information for thorough candidate evaluation, suitable for complex roles like higher-level IT positions. This workflow includes fields for detailed work history, education, and professional certifications, which are more likely to be completed by candidates using a computer.

Customize each workflow to fit your specific needs. Set fields to be visible or hidden, required or optional, and adjust the apply sequence based on the role’s complexity.

By using multiple workflows, you can streamline your recruitment process and enhance the candidate experience.

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