Background Checks: Dashboard Widget and Screenings Tab

For clients who use our background check partners Asurint or Choice in AviontéBOLD, there is a widget available to manage their background checks.  The information displayed on this widget includes: the number of background checks ordered, those needing review, and those completed. The filter options available include branches, users, and date range.   Additionally, the ability to mark a background check as Pass or Fail from the widget's fly-out or in the talent screening tab is available.


A couple of benefits proceed from this feature:

  • This provides an overall tool for the management of background checks, as opposed to managing them by accessing the Talent’s profile every time.
  • This provides you an option to indicate a passed or failed background check quickly, especially in cases where scoring from the provider is not supplied.


Background Checks Widget




Add the widget to your Dashboard

Click Add Widget, select Talent, then click the plus sign next to the Background Checks option. The Background Checks widget will be added to your dashboard.

The total number of Ordered background checks is displayed first. This includes all background checks ordered within the date range set by the widget. The date range can be set within the widget's filtering options (click the widget's filter icon to access it).

NOTE: "View Report" will not be a report viewable link until Status is either "Completed", "Needs Review" or "Reviewed".

Needs Review refers to those background checks that need to be reviewed by a recruiter; these screenings will have a status of "Not Reviewed" until a recruiter reviews and changes the state.

Completed refers to background checks that have been reviewed and given a pass or fail status.


Clicking on one of the counters next to the Needs Review or Reviewed statuses for background checks in the widget, will open a fly-out that displays the details for the category chosen. These details include the following information: Talent Name, Branch, Order Date, Ordered By, Provider, Package Sent, View Report option, and Recruiter Review controls.



Background Checks fly-out



The View Report option opens a copy of the background check so you can review it. This link may take you to a provider's site, or download a copy of the file, depending on the provider you have chosen to integrate with Avionté.

The Recruiter Review controls let you set a recruiter status for a talent's background check - Not Reviewed, Pass, or Fail. Setting a Pass or Fail status will move a background check record from Not Reviewed to Reviewed, after a refresh. Setting a Not Reviewed status will move a background check record from Reviewed to Not Reviewed, after a refresh.



Screenings Tab on the Talent Screen

The Talent Name is a hyperlink that will open the Talent screen if clicked. If you click on the Screenings tab from there, you can view details of the background checks in more depth. The View Report and Recruiter Review options are present. You can create a new background check request here as well, via one of the "Create" buttons. Screenings are grouped by the provider.




We are developing partnerships with AssureHire and Sterling, as well as other providers, to be integrated with background checks in the future.


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