Add Hours and Submit Timesheet: Talent

Use Timesheets in BOLD for Talent to add their hours.

If you don't see a Timesheet then the Recruiter may be using Batch Hours or Group Time.

Add Hours to Timesheet

  1. Login to the system
    Note: If you don't have that information then please reach out to your Recruiter.
  2. Click the Timesheets Tab
  3. Click on the View Timesheet button
    1. This brings you to the current week to enter time.
    2. If you have multiple jobs, then you will see each one listed.


  4. Click the arrow buttons on the upper corners to move to a different Week.


  5. Click into the Day, and Time, you want to update
    1. You can select the Time from the dropdown menu
    2. You can also type in the times to narrow/filter the results
      Note: The Time increments are set up by Admins.


      Example: Notice the Total Daily Hours automatically calculated


      The Total Hours are also automatically calculated.  Once all the hours have been entered for the week, the Timesheet will have to be submitted.




Submit Timesheet

At the end of the week, the Timesheet will have to be submitted for approval.

  1. Go to the Timesheet to submit your hours for.
    1. Double check the hours you are submitting.
  2. Click on Save & Submit Timesheet button


  3. Enter any notes to send to the Timesheet approver (not required).
  4. Click on the Submit Timesheet button


  5. You'll see a message that your Timesheet has been submitted.
    1. You can click on the Re-Enter Timesheet button to make changes.



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