Add Additional Transactions for Timesheet: Talent


Updated 02/01/2022


If leave is allocated for a specific Talent, you can select what type of leave is used and how many hours.


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Add Transactions (Sick, PTO, ...)

  1. Click on the Addl Transactions button
    1. A flyout window will appear


    2. Enter the following data:
      1. Transaction Date: Enter the date of the transaction
      2. Transaction Type: Select a transaction type from the drop down menu
        1. The available options are setup by the Recruiter
      3. Hours: Enter the number of hours
    3. Click on the Add Hours button


    4. Add any additional transactions as needed by updating the information
      1. Click on the Add Hours button
    5. Click Close

      : 8 hours on Wednesday (08/04/2021)


      The timesheet will display the totals



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