Analyze Report: Talent Sources

The Talent Sources Analyze Report is a valuable tool designed to provide insights into various aspects of talent information, including their affiliations, statuses, and sources. This report enables users to efficiently manage and analyze talent data, facilitating better decision-making processes.


Key Takeaways

  • Precise Talent Filtering: The report's filters, such as division, region, office, and status, allow users to quickly pinpoint talents based on specific criteria, streamlining talent management.

  • Detailed Talent Information: Users can access comprehensive details for each talent, including their office branch, ID, full name, status, and source, facilitating informed decision-making.

  • Clear Source Representation: The report neatly presents multiple talent sources in a single column with line breaks, ensuring clarity when talents have multiple acquisition channels.


Report Filters

The Talent Sources Analyze Report offers a range of filter options to help users refine their search results. Here are the available filter options along with explanations:


  • Options: All available Employers
  • Explanation: Use this filter to narrow down talents based on their respective employers or divisions.


  • Options: All available Regions
  • Explanation: Refine your search results by selecting specific regions associated with talents.


  • Options: All available Branches
  • Explanation: Filter talents by their assigned office branches.

Talent Status

  • Options: All available Talent Status list
  • Explanation: Use this filter to focus on talents with specific status categories.

Date From

  • Explanation: Use this filter to specify a starting date to refine talents falling within a certain date range, depending on the selected date type.

Date To

  • Explanation: This field complements the "Date From" filter by allowing users to specify the end date of the date range.

Date Range

  • Options: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, and more
  • Explanation: When "Date Range" is selected, "Date From" and "Date To" will be automatically disabled. Users can choose from predefined date ranges to simplify their search.

Field Details

The Talent Sources Analyze Report provides the following field details for each talent in the search results:

Talent Office

  • Description: Talent's Branch

Talent ID

  • Description: Talent’s unique identification number


  • Description: Talent’s Full Name

Last Name

  • Description: Talent’s Last Name

First Name

  • Description: Talent’s First Name

Talent Status

  • Description: Talent’s current status

Talent Created Date

  • Description: Talent's date of entry or creation in the system

Talent Source

  • Description: Talent's source as determined by tags
  • Notes: If multiple sources are found for a talent, they will be displayed within the same column and separated by a line break.

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