24/7 Onboarding Workflow Report

The report provides detailed insights into the onboarding workflow within the 24/7 category of Analyze Reports. It includes information on how to access the report, various filter options available to refine data, and descriptions of key fields and terms used within the report.

Key Takeaways:

  • Accessing the Report: To access the onboarding workflow report, users need to navigate to the Analyze tab and select the Reports sub-tab. From there, they can search for the "24/7 Onboarding Workflow Report" to view relevant data.
  • Filtering Options: Users can refine the data within the report using several filter options such as Office (to specify the branch), Sent By User (to refine by workflow creator), Workflow Name, Stages, and Date Type. Additionally, there's an option to include or exclude automation workflows from the report.
  • Understanding Field Details: The report includes various fields such as Talent (with details like full name, first name, last name), Resume status, Workflow Name, Workflow Status, Workflow Sent Date, Sent By (user who initiated the workflow), Workflow Completed Date, and Dynamic Stages (unarchived stages of the workflow). These fields provide comprehensive information about the onboarding process and its status.

Roles That Would Benefit from Running this Report:

  • HR Managers: HR managers can utilize the Onboarding Workflow Report to gain detailed insights into the onboarding process. By accessing information on workflow status, stages, and dates, they can effectively track the progress of new hires through the onboarding journey, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition into the organization.
  • Recruitment Coordinators: Professionals responsible for coordinating recruitment and onboarding processes can benefit from this report to monitor workflow creation, completion, and overall status. By leveraging the filter options, they can refine data based on office locations, workflow creators, and specific stages, allowing them to address any bottlenecks or delays promptly.
  • Leadership: Team leaders can utilize this report to oversee the onboarding progress of their team members. By understanding the workflow status and individual stages, they can ensure that new hires receive proper guidance and support, ultimately fostering a positive onboarding experience and improving team productivity.

24/7 Category (list of Analyze Reports)

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    Filter Panel
Locating the Analyze Report
Filter Options
Field Details






Filter Panel



Locating the Analyze Report

  1. Click on Analyze Tab
    The Reports Sub Tab will automatically be selected
  2. In the Search Reports field, type 24/7
  3. Click on the 24/7 Onboarding Workflow Report




This report provides the information regarding onboarding workflow.



Filter Options

Filter Name Options Description
Office All available Branch List Use this filter to refine Office of the Talent
Sent By User All available HCM User List Use this filter to refine Workflow Created By User
Include Automation Workflows Yes or No

Use this filter to refine Workflow Sent By Service User

If Yes is selected then Service Users are included in the report else not

Workflow Name All available Workflow List Use this filter to refine Workflow
Stages All available Workflow's Stages List Use this filter to refine Workflow's Stage
Date Type Workflow Sent Date or Workflow Completed Date  
Date From   Use this filter to refine Workflow's Created Date or Completed Date between the date range
Date To  
Date Range Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, … When 'Date Range' is selected, 'Date From' and 'Date To' will be automatically disabled. The user will need to select either 'Date Range' or enter 'Date From' and 'Date To'.






Field Details

Field Name Description Notes
Talent Talent's Full Name  
Talent First Talent's First Name  
Talent Last Talent's Last Name  
Resume Talent's Resume Status
Options: Yes, No
Yes - If Talent has Resume
No- If Talent does not have Resume
Workflow Name Workflow's Name  
Workflow Status Workflow's Status Options: Assigned/Sent, Initiated, and Completed
Workflow Sent Date Workflow's Created Date  
Sent By Workflow's Created By User The Service User will also populate if Include Automation Workflows parameter is Yes
Workflow Completed Date Workflow's Completed Date  
Dynamic Stages Workflow's unarchived stages displayed per sort order



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