Recruiter Goal Tracking (INSIGHTS)


Recruiter goal tracking offers numerous benefits to organizations in optimizing their processes. By monitoring key metrics such as activity goals, gross profit goals, or job starting - companies can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their recruitment strategies. This data-driven approach enables recruiters and hiring managers to identify successful practices, address challenges, and continuously improve their processes. Additionally, recruiter goal tracking facilitates better resource allocation, allowing organizations to allocate time and budget efficiently to areas that yield the highest returns in talent acquisition. Overall, implementing robust goal-tracking systems enhances transparency, accountability, and the overall success of the recruitment function within an organization.



Goal tracking can be done by duplicating an existing dashboard and modifying an existing widget by adding a calculation column.

By adding a value column in an existing widget, a user can track the percentage to completion against a set or variable value.

In the example below, a value column was added so a goal of '30' can be tracked by recruiter contact activities:

Note: View Advanced Functionality (INSIGHTS) for an example on using the Edit Formula function.

By selecting '123' a modification can be added to populate as a percent:



Renaming the widget can done via the ellipses icon and renaming:



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