24/7 App Activity Widget

The 24/7 App Activity Widget allows recruiters to identify the app status and details of Talent from within BOLD. This provides visibility into a candidate's success with receiving a SmartLink and logging into the app. Insight into Talent that have not yet been approved or logged into the app gives recruiters the ability to connect with and assist Talent that need further processing, or assistance.


The data available about the Talent's status and activity in the app include:

  • Login Status 

  • 24/7 Work Access
    • Enabled [Approved, has access to the app]
    • Pending [Pending, does not have access to the app]
    • Access Disabled [Disabled, does not have access to the app]
    • Access Failed to Sync [Error, see error reason displayed]

  • Last Activity Date

  • SmartLink Status [Has it been Sent]

  • First Logged In Date

  • Sync Errors [i.e., Missing Skills]

Note: These labels only show if applicable, i.e., if the SmartLink has not been sent there will be no status to show.

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