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In today's competitive market, Avionté's Opportunities feature helps businesses identify potential clients and streamline communication. By associating each Opportunity with Contact records, it ensures organized communication and informed decision-making.

Key details like Contact and Stage are logged for easy tracking while designating Opportunity Owners adds accountability.

Avionté's intuitive interface offers quick access to vital information, enabling swift action and integration with other functionalities like creating Jobs directly from an Opportunity.

With the Opportunities Report, users gain insights to optimize sales strategies and achieve recruitment targets.

In essence, Avionté's Opportunities feature empowers businesses to drive growth and stay ahead of the competition.


In this video, we discuss the value of Opportunities.


The opportunities feature in Avionté helps to identify potential accounts such as new clients or companies with staffing needs.

Associating each Opportunity with Contact records in Avionté ensures that all communication and activities related to a particular client are logged and easily accessible. This helps you stay organized and effectively communicate with your clients so you can efficiently manage Opportunities, make informed decisions, and drive revenue growth.

Logging details such as Contact and Stage makes it easy to stay on track. While information such as Amount and Commitment make the Opportunity clear to anyone.

Finally designating Opportunity Owners adds accountability, ensuring that Opportunities don't get neglected and slip away. 

Once an Opportunity is created, you can get quick, glanceable information from the company's Dashboard, or the Opportunities Widget.  Access the Opportunity in greater detail from the Opportunities tab of a Company page, where you can also track current status, schedule, next steps, add notes, and more.

Jobs can also be created directly from an Opportunity. Just click Create Job and get started with all of the client information already filled in from the Opportunity.

With new business on the line, it's important to stay on top of Opportunities, and the Opportunities Report helps you see the Stages, Values, Next Steps, and more with every Opportunity in your organization.

The Opportunities Feature can help you streamline your sales processes and achieve your recruitment targets. Boost your own recruitment efforts today and drive your business objectives further with Avionté.

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